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New Shop Renovation Part 1

New Shop Renovation Part 1

Hi guys, Mrs Roars here!

It was a little crazy during the shop extension and everything, so the shop bless it wasn’t looking its best. So here it is folks, the first half of the newly renovated shop is done. I’m going to take you through each space and talk through where I got my inspiration from, and how I went about styling each area.

When planning the spaces Pinterest was of course my best friend, and I created folders upon folders full of images I found inspiring. Colour scheme folders, styling photos etc all help me and my own interior ideas flow.

Room 1 – Dusky Pink

I just love a dusky muted pink wall with soft grey furnishing and how they look together. Amongst my pins for I had for this colour scheme were the occasional picture with a muted pink room, and then bold and statement colours rather than matching the muted vibe.

At first I wasn’t sure about mixing the two, but once everything was in it just all clicked and went together perfectly. The blue unit and raspberry chair bring out the vibrant colours in the skull collage so well, and sits in the space well with the grey sofas also.

The coolness of the muted pink screamed cool styling, so silver mirror, lamp and wall art. The faux fur throws break up the large grey sofas and just brings a touch of texture in for some detail.

Room 2 – Deep Red / Raspberry

Rich strong colours to match with gold was on my must have list. Mostly because of that stunning Art Deco style shelving unit we had, and just knew that it had to be on display because it’s just fabulous (especially in the flesh).

You’ll find lots of golds and other metals in the space. They just seemed to radiate luxury, warmth and class all together.

In the picture below you can see how I’ve really gone for it with colours, trends and textures. I started with the piece of art on the wall (which has gorgeous gold in it! Just stunning) and then built up from there. Actually love the blue chair against the wall colour as a colour blocking clash.

Room 3 – Blue, blue, blue

Small spaces and dark colours is a folder I have on my favourite app ever, Pinterest of course. Although, I am seeing the trend everywhere like Instagram and Interior magazines too.

I decided to have the smallest space the darkest colour on the walls, and really this was a move I’d not made before until now and I have no regrets. Look at the Parrot wall art and how the colours are so vibrant and really pop against the wall colour!

Interiors, styling and decorating shouldn’t be scary, and If you have a vision, just go for it. These things like paint and your furniture can be changes and moved around if it doesn’t work, so just go with your gut and ideas guys! You won’t look back.

As the above photo shows the ceiling quite clearly, lets address this now. In all of the new spaces I decided to take the wall colour up and onto the ceiling, instead of the classic coving and white ceiling. I LOVE THIS! And it kind of gives of the illusion that the space is actually bigger than what it really is.

Room 4 – Grey

The OG, the ultra popular and Mrs Hinch approved grey and silver space. This look is so popular and common when scrolling through the interior hashtags on Instagram.

It’s fresh, clean looking, classic and very stylish, and I decided to really keep it simple and very styled to use the space to its max. Dining area, seating area, bedding and desk area all in one space. Silver, black, grey, white repeat and it is a really comforting room.

Expect to find cool art on the walls (those square mirrors go perfect in this space), sleek furniture and lots of silver details placed carefully around the room.

So that’s our new shop space in a nutshell. It was such a fun project and it doesn’t stop there. The other original section of the shop will get a little vamp and touch of TLC, so expect all of that in part 2.

If there is anything you like the look of and we’ve not hyperlinked it, drop us a comment on here, message on social media or an email and the team will be more than happy to help you.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking in with the shop updates.

Much love

Mrs Roars


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