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Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern

It’s been around for years and it’s not going anywhere. The Mid Century Modern interior style is proving increasingly popular with people however not necessarily going for an entire room, but incorporating aspects of the style.

The style and particular aspects that make up pieces that fit into the ‘Mid Century Furniture’ bracket are naturally sustainable. Due to their timeless yet statement design, they can really compliment a wide range of personal styles for years and years to come.

Tables, chairs, lamps, console tables, dining tables and much more. Lets jump into the Mid Century Modern trend and get the look with Visual Roars, and check out our inspiration pictures too!

Clean lines, wood and grey simple colour scheme, fits into the style perfectly

Clean lines, gentle curves and functionality. These are just some of the reasons the Mid Century movement is still going strong.

We’ve all seen those beautiful drinks carts and cabinets on our favourite Instagram accounts and blogs, hairpin and pole legged furniture. And not forgetting those teak sideboards/console tables that everyone’s nabbing themselves from popular brands like Habitat and made.com are recreating.

Coffee tables-

An easy way to drop a subtle touch of this interior style into the room. Keep a look out for the specific legs common in the style, and simple, sleek designs to get the winning look.

Verona Coffee Table

Image found on Pinterest


Storage wise these guys are perfect in solving this problem, whilst also giving you a large surface area to dress. Normally a long rectangle with a streamlined design, some may even have handles.

Verona Three Drawer Sideboard
Image found on Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest


Floor lamps with the dome like shades, long pole legs, metal tripod stands or arched stand will always help you to achieve a hint of Mid Century Modern. By now we’re sure you’ve got the hint of that a lot of the look is to do with the legs of items.

Tall Arched Floor Lamp

You can achieve the mid century modern vibe with a circular lampshade on a tripod stand. If mixing interior styles is your thing, then using a shade that goes against the stand would look brilliant. To achieve this go for trend lampshades, vibrant colours and funky trend and seasonal patterns.

Is this style of interiors something you’re interested in?

If you have any questions about how to achieve this style, or if you would like any assistance in choosing items from our website that fit the mid century theme then please contact us.

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