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Jewel Toned Interiors

Jewel Toned Interiors

You heard it here guys, ‘Jewel Tones’ are big this year in the home.

Going big and bold with a jewel toned sofa, or keeping it low key and going for throws, cushions and other soft furnishings. Either way the look can be achieved easily!

We won’t call this a “trend” as at Visual Roars (if you haven’t guessed by our logo), we love the jewel toned emerald colours and it’s here to stay in our eyes. Who’s with us?

This post will contain inspiration photos from our friends over on Pinterest (make sure to follow us HERE), and some options we have at Visual Roars to help you get the look.


Now this rooms pretty easy to incorporate jewel tones into. As you can see from our inspiration images, there are a lot of blues and greens going around. These guys are even using them on the walls for a double hit!

Soft Furnishings-

If you’re not brave enough to go the whole hog and whack on a lick of paint to completely change up your room, go for the soft furnishing. Cushions, throws and bedding! It literally couldn’t be easier.

What’s excellent about these colours, is that they do go with a lot of colour schemes.

As you can see in the centre inspo picture above, they’ve brightened up the grey and white room with the jewel toned bedding. This makes them really pop alongside the touch of gold on the walls. The other two spaces have mixed jewel tones throughout the rooms all complimenting each other in the curtains, throws and cushions.

We’ve noticed that pinks and emerald greens are a very popular combo!

Living Room:

Pink, green, blue or gold sofas-

We’ve seen a rise in people making bold statements with their suites of choice, instead of going for safe neutrals. There’s image after image online (Pinterest, being our favourite interiors platform) handing out inspiration in the thousands for such a look. It’s a brave move, but one we feel would pay off and last throughout interiors trends for seasons to come.

Get the look with cushions-

They’re pretty affordable compared to splashing out on a new sofa and or armchair, and they can really “spice up your life”. We mean room!

We love how in these three images you can see the jewel toned cushions styled in three completely different ways, against grey, emerald and white/cream.

The orange cushion in the left inspo picture really helps to lift the dark grey and compliments the emerald and blush pink well. They’re great colours to incorporate onto the walls and even in lampshades and rugs.

Focusing on the far right image, the white sofa really stood out to us. This will probably be how the majority of people give this style a go as cushions allow you to play it safe.

We love it!



Incorporating this style into the kitchen can be tricky. Fancy giving coloured units a go? Adding a lick of paint to them yourself for a complete makeover could be the way to go. However if thats not for you, then small items like tea towels, glassware, wall art and lighting can help achieve the style.

Wall art is an easy option-

Bringing these colours into any room is incredibly easy in the form of wall art and the frames. The standard jewel tones are very versatile and will go fabulous on an array of wall colours, and can be inexpensive depending on your budget.

GET THE LOOK with Visual Roars

Jewel toned sofas are everywhere. You can find them in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. You could add jewel toned cushions on top of a sofa to layer the trend, or you could calm the tone down with plain non jewel toned colours and accessories.


Will you be giving the jewel tones a go in your home?

Let us know how you’re getting the look. We’d love to see!

Thanks for reading,

Visual Roars Team


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