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Adding Colour To Your Home

Adding Colour To Your Home

Some homes are full of it whereas others have minimal or none. Colour is a very personal thing when it comes to our home, and it’s a key trend we’re seeing all over social media and in the big interior magazines. So here’s some affordable pieces to help you inject some much needed colour into your home.


Faux Fur

If you have a monochrome room, or one thats neutral on neutral, then simply placing a rug on the floor or a throw on the sofa will transform the space and give it a completely different feel.


Place on chairs, beds, sofas or stools, getting your hands on some coloured faux fur cushions will not only add some colour into your space, but will also add some fun and texture.


Emma Shipley duvet covers and pillows

Emma Shipley duvet covers are PERFECT for adding some colour into your bedroom. It’s always the main feature of everyones sleeping space, so why not go crazy and get some eye-catching quirky covers. Great quality that’ll last for ages, making sure you take this trend through year after year.

OASIS Bedding



Decorative items are a must in any home that is in need of some detail, colour and interest. Depending on size, decorative pieces can be placed in a wide variety of spaces around the home so you really get your moneys worth from them!

Blue Steeple, Vase,

We have so many more ideas and ways to inject colour into your home, but you’d be here for days reading away. Please feel free to comment on this post, or get in contact with us on Instagram , Facebook or Twitter and we’ll be more than happy to answer any styling questions you might have!

Visual Roars Team


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