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A Touch Of Texture

A Touch Of Texture

One of the top trend forecasts for 2019 is texture.

Creating a cosy and content space including some texture by the way of throws, cushions, baskets and rugs mostly made from natural fibres and or keeping their natural colours.

When it comes to texture within interiors, for the majority of the time you seen a whole lot of neutrals. A lot of beige, tan, cream and white and black but some push it and go into the mustard or pink territory, which we’re absolutely loving!

This trend comes round every Spring/Summer alongside the influx of wicker bags. But without us even realising it, we incorporate the trend of texture into our house all through the year. Anything thats surface isn’t flat, adds texture and interest. A simple fluffy throw, an appliqué cushion and more.

So how can Visual Roars help you add a touch of texture into your space?



You’ll find that baskets can have many different uses:

  • Plant pot (make sure a dish is at the bottom inside to catch the water)
  • Fruit bowl
  • Blanket storage
  • Magazine storage

Depending on your style and interior goals, you can get plain ones, coloured, patterned and even ones with pom poms on. They don’t just add some texture to the room, but a bit of interest and organisation.




The item the majority of people change up the most in their living spaces. You can buy cushion covers inexpensively, so a pretty affordable way to spice up the sofa, chairs or bed.

Shop Cushions

Above is an example of adding texture to the space, but in a colourful way. Theres stitching in a natural fibre, and also green pom poms. It’s an excellent way of making this seating area pop. Imagine how flat the chair would be without this cushion.

Rugs and Throws

Who doesn’t love draping a throw over the sofa ready to snuggle under in the evening? Or the feel of a fluffy soft rug under your feet can be so cosy and comforting.

You can go for fluffy neutrals or some natural woven rugs with touches of colour.


Is texture a Spring/Summer trend you want to incorporate more into your home? Is it something you already have lots of in the house but want to bring some new pieces in?

Let us know what you’ll be trying! And of course if you have any questions or styling tips, comment away!

Visual Roars Team


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